Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank heavens for your neighbours!

Thank heavens for your neighbours!

Its like this, we are using power supplied by coal fired power plants, one of the percularities about the said power plants is that you cant speed up or slow down the enormous turbines in any rush, it takes days, thus if the requirement for power suddenly drop, well, that power is still being generated.

The coal is still being burned, and that power that was going to go to a usefull however it will now have to be spent somewhere (waisted), incidentally that is why we have streetlights and office lights, to sink the power of an evening when industry demands are reduced.

It would seem that the green movement fscks everything it touches, don't it?


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Neil said...

Ah, the Green movement..........

What ever happened to "The Greenhouse effect?" Did it erode itself under the lies of Global Warming, sorry Climate Change?

Climate Change, no matter what happens know it's all "Climate Change" for better or worse!