Monday, May 5, 2008

OpenSolaris and Blastwave

As you may all know Blastwave is one of the main providers for software on the Solaris platform.


Now that OpenSolaris is out on the street one may like to have things like VLC and Mplayer installed but may not be about to find anything in the IPS respo.

This is just a short howto on getting Blastwave working with OpenSolaris using IPS in just *2* easy steps.

1) Add Free repositories to your IPS / PKG tools configuration:

$pfexec pkg set-authority -O blastwave
$pfexec pkg authority -H

blastwave (preferred)

$pfexec pkg refresh

2) Installing _Stuff_ :

$pkg search -r vlc

$pfexec pkg install IPSvlc

and that's it !

Oh, A side note; I like to have OpenOffice and NetBeans installed from

We can do this as follows:

$pfexec pkg install netbeans

$pfexec pkg install openoffice

That's all..



Christopher said...

Your work here has been extremely useful to me. I have recently signed the agreement to edit a howto wiki for system administrators in OpenSolaris. I would like to use your most recent blog posting and credit you for it as part of a How To for putting Windows 7 Beta into practical use as a Dom U or xVM machine. Would you mind if I did this. I will not use your work, if you object? If you can give me some contact or referrence details, I will publish them as part of it. Regards, Chris Bradley

.:: Aurora ::. said...


Yes, You are absolutely welcome to use anything you or others may find useful.

My name is Edward O'Callaghan.
IRC nick: evocallaghan

Speaking of xVM, you may find this info useful on our distro site as well:

Thanks for your feedback !

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