Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google's Chrome Browser.

I had a email from a dear friend of mine today about where we should be skeptical about Google's new Browser.

So I though I would share my reply and analysis of it:

2008/9/3 Neil :
> What gives????
> This undermines FF!
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> Neil

I'm fine with it; Its built on Webkit which is open source. It promotes competition which intern promotes innovation !

98% of FF users will not change over as FF is clearly technically a better browser.
However, we need all the *strength* we can get, Google inc. to bring Microsoft's Internet Explorer to a 'responsible' market share. No one browser is going to be able to do it on its own.

Hense we have:
*Chrome -
*Konquer -
*Safari <-- Retard Browser (For Mac and PC). -

About the only problem I have with it, is that its a Windows only application. However I can see Google's logic, and that is, to target a very particular market segment, that is, to take away IE's market share from the Windows OS platform.


Please *do* comment with your views,

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